Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Nights Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks to everybody for hopping over this way! Down here in Florida, most of our winter nights aren't too bad, but there have been some doozies. My way to handle the unseasonable cold (hey, 20 degrees for Florida is pretty unseasonable, even for January) is to curl up with a blanket, the cats, and a really good book. Hopefully you find some while you're out on your search.

So here’s how the Scavenge works…
  • Below are the 5 items. Those photos are placed on 5 random blogs that have taken part in this event.
  • Click on the blogs listed below and see if one of the 5 images is in that blog’s post.
  • If you find an image, write down the name of the blog because you will need it for the grand prize.
  • Find all 5 items and go back to the Grand Prize giveaway rafflecopter (found here Gliterary Girl), enter the names of the blogs where the pictures were posted and get 10 extra entries.

  1. Cute White Puppy in a Cup
  2. Leaves with the word LOVE cut into them
  3. Dish of Colorful Candies
  4. A Pencil with a note that says "You Make My Heart Glow"
  5. Heart shaped pocket watch hanging in the trees.

Easy, right? And like I mentioned earlier, hopefully you'll find some amazing authors and books while you're out there.

Good luck and thanks so much for participating!

1 comment:

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