Tuesday, October 23, 2012

True Crime Tuesday!

Better late than never, right? This past week has been super hellacious, which of course means the blogging has taken a hit. It sucks that the blogging is like the first thing to go whenever my schedule gets too full, because I really do enjoy doing it, but when you're all but dead on your feet, something has to give.

And speaking of dead on your feet, who wants to read about The Axeman of New Orleans? As usual, material is pulled from TrueCrime library, where you can find all sorts of interesting stuff.

The Axeman of New Orleans

Andrew Maggio, a barber in the city of New Orleans, had just received his draft notice. It was May 22, 1918 and World War I was on everyone's mind. Andrew wasn't keen to go to war, so he went out drinking that night. When he returned just before two o'clock in the morning to the place he shared with his brother Jake, he noticed nothing unusual. But then, he wasn't in much of a condition to notice anything at all, and that would soon come back to haunt him. Compared to what he was about to experience, a draft notice would seem like a mosquito's bite to shark attack.

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