Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thursday--Good God, Am I Tired

That's the long and short of this post. I'm evidently so tired I left my flashdrive at home, which is making work more than a little difficult.

So I started looking for quotes for Winged. And now I've also got the plotting and opening for the second book in the series, Uprising, going through my mind. I'm going to be up to my elbows in work today, because I MUST WRITE SOME FRANKIE. I'm shouting at myself, not you guys.

Don't get me wrong, I love Frankie. Love, love, love her--the series, even though darker than either Jude or Cari, is so much fun to write. I think I'll always associate Cari with a rough part of my life, which diminishes some of the joy. And Jude is...well, Jude. But Frankie and the gang are just full of awesomeness. And their story is going to blow people's minds.

But I have the most intense feeling if I don't get the entire series of Winged out, my head may explode. Or I'm going to miss out on something really amazing. Either way, bad things will happen.

So, I'm going to keep working myself to the point of exhaustion, because I feel everything will be worth whatever is waiting for me at the end. I feel there are going to be some truly astounding things that come out of these books.

I just got to write the damn things.

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