Monday, October 1, 2012

Media Monday--Review of PITCH PERFECT

I'm alive! I know, some of you may have thought I fell off the face of the earth. But I was just chained to my computer, doing my best to finish Winged. Which I did, on Thursday. And now I'm back to work on Frankie and Borrowed, so everybody hold on to your hats--things are about to get more than little wild.

But, in order to celebrate my success over yet one more bout with the writing demon, my friend and I went to dinner and a movie on Friday night. And lucky me, my city was one of those that got Pitch Perfect an entire week early. And for once, there is no sarcasm in that sentence at all.

I got excited about Pitch Perfect back in June, when Rock of Ages came out and one of the trailers was Pitch Perfect. I've been anxiously awaiting the release date and when I found it I could see it an entire week early, I didn't even hesitate. I was on that like white on rice--which, now that I think about it, has to possibility for being a confusing and misleading statement. But I digress.

Pitch Perfect is one of those light, feel good Hollywood movies where everybody ends up finding their place, the nerdy guy gets the girl, the evil girl learns the error of her ways, and the lovable rebel understands the value of friends. Yeah, on the surface, it's pretty darn light.

But you set all that shit to music, with the word "acapello" thrown in? And it becomes laugh out loud funny.

And when you have people who can actually sing? Even fucking better.

Seriously--it's almost unfair. They can already act. Now they can sing? I feel like there's a distinct inbalance in the distribution of creative genes. But since I can't do anything about that, I might as well appreciate it.

Are there some moments where you think to yourself--"Did I really just see that? How the fuck did people even think of something like that?"? Yes, yes there are. Minor spoilers, but if you're uncomfortable with the sight of vomit, you're going to want to avoid this movie. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

But for every one of those moments, there are plenty of others where the dialogue and acting is legitimately funny. Anna Kendrick really does shine, from her beginning as the counter-culture/rebel girl without a cause to her end as...well, if I tell you I'll ruin it. And all those funny bits of Rebel Willis that you see in the trailer? Those aren't even all the funny parts. There's plenty more spread throughout the film like little nuggets of joy, which is just the way comedy should be doled out.

All in all, Pitch Perfect is absolutely worth seeing, more than once, if you want me to be brutally honest. And if I get my word count for the day, that's just what I plan to do.

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  1. Everybody, except for Anna Kendrick, is funny and energetic and they all definitely make this movie a lot better than it had any darn right to be in the first-place. Good review L.M.