Saturday, September 1, 2012

Special Saturday: Holy Shitpants

So, in case people are wondering, Michele and I made it to DragonCon with the bare minimum of getting lost. Which for us means two wrong turns. For those of you out there saying, "wouldn't the bare minimum be zero?", the answer would Neither of us has a great sense of direction and sometimes Google maps is not your friend, no matter what you may think.

Let me start by saying this place is FUCKING NUTS. Seriously. And I'm not talking about the public transportation system or parking or whatnot. I just mean the actual convention. Michele and I walked in to the Marriot Marquis, just innocently looking for a panel, and holdthefrontdoormotherfucker it was like walking in to the end of the world, complete with zombies and zombie killers. Unknown to us, the Marriot is one of two "party central" locations. Do you remember that song saying something about the "party don't stop"? That's the Marriot until Monday afternoon. Holy shitpants, indeed.

Michele and I made it to four different panels, two during the day and two "late night/adult" panels. I'll be honest, they're not quite what I expected. Whenever I hear the term panel, I assume there's going to be a semi-lecture of sorts with the various panel members chiming in, steered in certain directions by a moderator, with a Q&A session at the end. Not really the case. Who knows, it may just have been the panels I attended and today will be different. We shall see.

Speaking of attending panels, I was super hyped to see one on True Blood. That may not happen. The lines for those kind of panels are ridiculous. Like wrap around a building ridiculous. I'm not sure if I'm going to rearrange Sunday and give up another panel to try and make it or not. Once again, we shall see.

Today is jampacked full of dark fantasy and writing panels, so it should be a good day. More tomorrow, ladies and gents!

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