Monday, September 17, 2012

Media Monday--Doctor Who

I mentioned on Friday that my friends and I have started a Sunday night ritual of Doctor Who marathons. We actually watched nine episodes yesterday, taking us to the beginning of Season 2. Which means we've only got another six season or so to go before we're caught up with the rest of the world.

It's interesting, watching the show with my friends. We all have different takes on everything, different things we focus on. My friend Sara is about the overall journey--the new adventures, the new aliens (although we were both annoyed as hell when the Sylvein made a second appearence), the general overall goofiness. Casey (yes, part of the inspiration for Casey Lynn from the Frankie series) is really there more for the camraderie than the actual show. And I'm sitting on the couch every episode going "Goddamnit, would you two just admit you're in love with each other already?!?"

Don't worry if you're laughing. Sara and Casey laugh at me every time I make a frustrated sound about the lack of forward progress in the Doctor and Rose's relationship.

Doctor Who has become our Sunday night thing. We try to do other things while watching--me writing, Casey reading, Sara random things--but when the Doctor is on, we're horrible at multitasking. About the only thing we manage to do while watching the Doctor is eat dinner, which is why dinner is now incorporated into the marathon.

Am I the only one who fell in love with the Doctor out of nowhere? Please tell me no...

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