Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Thursday--I'm Working!

A lot. Like a lot, a lot. So much, that you're getting a super short blog post and possibly nothing tomorrow. In addition to my regular shifts at the Village, I'm doing a pick up between shifts, so I'm going to be a super cranky bitch come Sunday evening. I may actually pass out during Doctor Who, unless I get a nap in somewhere.

I also have a shitton of blog posts to do for PR, which I must go do now. I got them kind of last minute, so I need to crank them out. And on that note....tata for now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Writing Wednesday--I'm Almost Done!

Really. Truly. Swear to God. I'm almost done with Winged, which is a huge deal for me. Winged has been a labor of love, even--or especially--when I thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember when I first had the idea for the series and how excited and scared I was. Excited, because this just feels like its the one. The book and series that puts me on the map in a major way. Scared, for the exact same reasons. Success is something that we all search for and we're scared to find at the same time, because if we succeed that only means we have even further to fall.

Anyway--the book is almost ready for beta readers. After that, I'll deal with any rewrites and edits, get it mocked up and sent out to reviewers in anticipation of the big release day--February 5.

And after that--well, it's gonna be a helluva ride.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Media Monday--Doctor Who

I mentioned on Friday that my friends and I have started a Sunday night ritual of Doctor Who marathons. We actually watched nine episodes yesterday, taking us to the beginning of Season 2. Which means we've only got another six season or so to go before we're caught up with the rest of the world.

It's interesting, watching the show with my friends. We all have different takes on everything, different things we focus on. My friend Sara is about the overall journey--the new adventures, the new aliens (although we were both annoyed as hell when the Sylvein made a second appearence), the general overall goofiness. Casey (yes, part of the inspiration for Casey Lynn from the Frankie series) is really there more for the camraderie than the actual show. And I'm sitting on the couch every episode going "Goddamnit, would you two just admit you're in love with each other already?!?"

Don't worry if you're laughing. Sara and Casey laugh at me every time I make a frustrated sound about the lack of forward progress in the Doctor and Rose's relationship.

Doctor Who has become our Sunday night thing. We try to do other things while watching--me writing, Casey reading, Sara random things--but when the Doctor is on, we're horrible at multitasking. About the only thing we manage to do while watching the Doctor is eat dinner, which is why dinner is now incorporated into the marathon.

Am I the only one who fell in love with the Doctor out of nowhere? Please tell me no...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Friday--It's Soup Season

My friends and I have started to watch Dr. Who. Please, for those of you who have always known about the doctor, don't judge me. One of us has NetFlix (actually, her roommate has it, but close enough), so we're starting with Season One, Episode One, and working our way forward. We watched three last Sunday and we're meeting this week for another 3-5.

In honor of this--and because we'll be hungry after another killer day at work--I'm making soup.

A Chicken and Bacon Chowder, actually. Or I may go with a Loaded Baked Potato Soup. I'm still unsure.

Soup is something that you can experiment with and just go wild. I made a BBQ Chicken Chili one time that was interesting, but not something I'd do on a regular basis. If I need a hearty meal for two or three days because I'll be short on time (and probably cash), I go with a Beef Stew (add A1 to it--trust me). For laid back, comfort type food, I tend to go with something cream based, hence the choices above. They're perfect for an evening watching NetFlix with friends, relaxing after a long day of work.

What's your go-to soup?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Non-RantyThursday--Do You Have to Choose?

So, I went and saw The Words last night. I did this for a few reasons. One, I thought the story was interesting, despite what the critics said (or maybe because of the panning--I'm perverse that way). Two, I'm in love with Bradley Cooper. That second is pretty well known. I've made no secret about it. But that's not the topic of this post.

But isn't he pretty? Yes, yes he is.

No, the topic of this post comes from a line in the movie that just stuck with me. One of the characters, a writer, says something along the lines of "You have to choose. Fiction or reality? The line between the two is very close, but it is there. Eventually, you have to choose. Fiction? Or reality?"

Now, obviously that's paraphrased--my memory is good but it's not that good on a first listen--but it really got me thinking.

While the movie uses "fiction" as a metaphor for the lies we tell and the lives we destroy or make, I looked at it from some weird unidentifable angle. I heard those words and I thought, "Is that really true? As writers, do we really have to choose between our fiction (the lies we tell, etc) and reality? Do we really have to decide which one we're going to invest more of ourselves in?"

I say no. I can point out multiple authors who not only have great commercial and critical success but also have (as far as we the public know) a stable, happy home life.

On the flip side, I can also name people who have blurred the lne between fiction and reality to such a degree that their fans and they themselves have problems seperating the two.

So the question is: Do you have to choose between fiction and reality?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Food Friday--Hmmm. Steak...

I love steak. Really, sincerely, love steak. Not as much as I love chicken or bacon and only slightly more than I love pork in general, but I have a mild love affair with red meat. I'm not overly particular on the kind of steak--I'm not one of those people who is a total snob and refuses to eat only filet mignon or ribeyes or whatever. I will admit I don't do bones or excess fat and there better not be any blood, but that's about the extent of my pickiness.

The only seasoning salt I use is Lawry's. Sorry, but that's a must. Wostershire? Has to be Lee and Perins. Steak sauce--did you really ask? Of course it's A1.

Ok, so maybe I'm a little more picky than I let on.

There's something about a well-prepared steak that really sets the tone for the rest of a meal. You can almost forgive medicore side dishes if the steak is excellent. If it's not... well. Not even a to-die-for dessert can make up for a lackluster slab of red meat.

What about you guys? Any thoughts on red meat? Please don't tell me I'm the only carnivore....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thursday--I'm Working

No, seriously. Since I went on vacation, I had to "make it up" by working on what would normally be my off day, aka today. My enthusiasm is overflowing like a stopped up toilet. Or something equally slow and gross.

And now I've kinda grossed myself out.

Two of my new television obsessions--Gallery Girls and Paranormal Witness--are keeping me alternately in stitches and chills. I'm not big on reality television, but Gallery Girls is so flippin' addicting. Maybe because it deals with New York and the art world. Maybe because there are one or two girls on the show that I'm actually rooting for. Who knows. It's addicting. Paranormal Witness tends to freak me out, but I love that kind of stuff, too, so I'm perfectly happy with being unnerved.

Annnddd....I think that's it for the moment. Not a lot, I know, but it's been a busy week. Catch you on the flip side, guys!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Buildup: I Have Returned

Yes. I am back, mothafuckers! (sorry, I just really felt the urge to say that). I am back and I am in fine, fine form.

My brain is overloading with ideas, some which may be good, some which are probably nothing more than whispy-willow type things. I'm eager to get back to Frankie and to Joanne, which is even better. The past few weeks I've been kind of aimless--just not really there, if you know what I mean. I know what I need to do, but I just couldn't seem to find the energy to do it.

All that is gone, baby. I am ready to roll/rumble!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Media Monday--I Have No Media

Obviously, that's a little dramatic. What I meant is I have no media I want to discuss with you at the moment. I have pictures for DragonCon that I'll be putting up tomorrow along with some thoughts and impressions in general. Michele and I are already planning for next year, including costumes, which is something we didn't do this year. We're thinking about doing like a transition through history kind of thing, ending with the Roaring 20s and some flapper attire. But that's way far off in the making, at least at the moment.

I feel more inspired and rejuvenated than I have in a while, which is good for both me and for you guys. I talked to some people, gave out some information, and got some in return. There was an agent on a panel who seemed very approachable and someone who I might want to work with, so in the next week or so I'm going to work up the nerve to query them on some work. Don't get me wrong--I love the publisher that I'm at and I love the freedom of being able to publish when I want (which I know you guys appreciate as well) but like Amanda Hocking said, it gets very tiring, and it would be nice to have a little help now and then.

Alright. Michele and I have one more panel to go to this afternoon. We're going to do some browsing in the exhibition halls, see if there's anything worth going to the ATM for (I don't care cash, because I like to have receipts for business purposes), grab some dinner, and hit the road. It's been amazing all around and I can't wait to share more with you. Until that time--I don't know what I thought I was going to say, but I lost it. Peace!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Special Saturday: Holy Shitpants

So, in case people are wondering, Michele and I made it to DragonCon with the bare minimum of getting lost. Which for us means two wrong turns. For those of you out there saying, "wouldn't the bare minimum be zero?", the answer would Neither of us has a great sense of direction and sometimes Google maps is not your friend, no matter what you may think.

Let me start by saying this place is FUCKING NUTS. Seriously. And I'm not talking about the public transportation system or parking or whatnot. I just mean the actual convention. Michele and I walked in to the Marriot Marquis, just innocently looking for a panel, and holdthefrontdoormotherfucker it was like walking in to the end of the world, complete with zombies and zombie killers. Unknown to us, the Marriot is one of two "party central" locations. Do you remember that song saying something about the "party don't stop"? That's the Marriot until Monday afternoon. Holy shitpants, indeed.

Michele and I made it to four different panels, two during the day and two "late night/adult" panels. I'll be honest, they're not quite what I expected. Whenever I hear the term panel, I assume there's going to be a semi-lecture of sorts with the various panel members chiming in, steered in certain directions by a moderator, with a Q&A session at the end. Not really the case. Who knows, it may just have been the panels I attended and today will be different. We shall see.

Speaking of attending panels, I was super hyped to see one on True Blood. That may not happen. The lines for those kind of panels are ridiculous. Like wrap around a building ridiculous. I'm not sure if I'm going to rearrange Sunday and give up another panel to try and make it or not. Once again, we shall see.

Today is jampacked full of dark fantasy and writing panels, so it should be a good day. More tomorrow, ladies and gents!