Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Buildup: What's Going on with Frankie

So, in case you missed my various comments over the past few weeks, you know Borrowed will not be out over Labor Day weekend as originally stated. Why, you may ask?

To be blunt: I'm pretty much working myself into a breakdown.

I will admit to being the most overachieving underachiever probably in existence. I was one of the kids who was constantly told I wasn't living up to my potential. Even  now, as soon as people find out I have a college degree I'm quizzed on what I plan to do/want to do with my life. I'm sometimes tempted to say "nothing" just so people will freak out. But I'm digressing.

After high school and at some point after college I realized that what other people thought of as my potential and what I think of as my potential are two different things. And while I'm happy with not living up to other people's view of my potential, I have problems not living up to my view of my potential. So I push myself and push myself, which isn't bad--unless I'm pushing myself to the point of exhaustion trying to work full time and write full time and still live an actual life.

So I'm slowing down a bit. Not a lot. Frankie will still be out before the end of the year--should be out no later than mid-October. You'll still get another Jude book, most likely in December. And both will be better for me not rushing to put them out.

Next week I'll have a snippet for you. Something fun and upbeat. In the meantime--let's all take a breather, okay?

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