Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Thursday: Ugh.

Yes, ugh. It's been raining for pretty much the entire week here in Florida, which means my ankle is not happy with me. Which means I'm not going to the gym. Which means I feel like a slacker.

Yes. I work 40 hours a week waiting tables, roughly 20 hours a week writing, maybe 5 doing blog posts and social media/PR stuff, and I feel like a slacker for not going to the gym.

In case you're wondering, my mom and friends tend to look at me like I grew a second head whenever I call myself a slacker or lazy. So that look on your face? Totally justifiable.

I did spend the morning plotting the rest of Winged. So I feel somewhat accomplished there. If all goes well, beta readers will have it by the end of the month. Once I finish up with that, I'll be able to focus on Borrowed and have that in your hands no later than mid-October. The next Jude book will then be out in December (title still undecided) and then 2013 will bring you the entirety of the Winged series. More details on that at a later time.

So. I'm going to straighten my kitchen up. Cook some dinner. And hopefully do some writing. Cross your fingers.

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