Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Thursday--Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

That's right. Tomorrow, Michele and I leave for DragonCon. I won't do any actually squeeing, but it's pretty damn close. I'm held back by the simple fact that I'm in public and people would look at me strangely. Not that this normally stops me, but I'm trying out subtleness today.

I'm going to spend the day doing last minute shopping for things that are absolute necessary--like batteries for my camera and contact lens solution (because even if I don't want to sleep, my eyeballs are going to make me). Then there are things that I really want but I may not end up getting--like kick ass heels to go with like three different outfits and a statement belt (which I may not even need--it depends on the shoes). I also get to go to the bank, go to the laundry-mat, clean my kitchen, put away all the clothes I've been letting pile up and that aren't going with me, and make sure the litter box is clean--my mom will feed and water and play with the cats while I'm gone, but she won't clean the litter box. Also at some point today I need to eat dinner, actually pack, take a shower (because I can't go on a road trip without a shower--yes, I'm weird), and sleep.

Because Christ knows I won't be getting that much while I'm out of town.

What are YOU doing today?

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