Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Thursday--One More Week!

One more week until DragonCon! I'm super excited, can you tell? For one, this is going to be the first Labor Day weekend I've had off in eight years. For two, it's a road trip with one of my best friends, Michele, something we haven't indulged in in way too long (darn you, school and work!). For three, it's my first vacation since New York in March. And fourth--um, hello? It's DragonCon!

I'm still ironing out the schedule but I'm going to be attending a shit-ton of panels. And they're going to be amaze-balls (as my friend Casey would say).

On Friday:

If we make it, we're kicking things off with Inside the Mall: Urban Survivalism. Yes, I'm totally going for a panel involving surviving the apcolypse. Because I'm a dork. If we can't, then our first event will either be a True Blood panel or Cough and Sneeze: The Science of Epidemiology. We're following that up with Costuming Alternate History 1600-1800 and then Frightening Folklore. We've got a break for dinner, and then we're going to Saloon Girls, Actresses, and Other Fallen Women followed by A Steampunk's Guide to Sex.

Saturday doesn't start until noon, which gives us time to sleep, eat, and travel. Barely. And then we start going and we don't stop.

First up is either True Blood or NY Times Bestsellers Tell All. I'm not sure how alike the various True Blood panels are going to be, so I may go to one or I may go to all. Who knows. I promised my mom I'd go to Ghost Hunters, so I will. And then things get tricky. We can go to either Costuming Alternate History 1800-1920 or Zombies: Beyond Armageddon. I'm torn between my desire to find out about clothes and my love of end of the world craziness. Then we have to choose between Urban Fantasy: What exactly is it? and Vampires, Demons and Werewolves--Oh, My!. At some point we're going to grab dinner, probably on the way to Heroism and Sacrifice or if we can't do that we'll grab it on the way to Jack the Ripper: The Many Faces of the Murderer. Our final choice of the day will be between Alternate Apocalypse: How Many Ways Can the World End? and Heroines Among Us.

Are you tired yet? Because I am. And we've still got two days to go.

Sunday--the day of rest, my ass. First choice (possibly--we may have this figured out by then) is True Blood or First Ladies of Fantasy. Immediately following this is The Witching Hour and then Ghost Excavation. We get a nice, decent gap before the next round when we have to make our toughest choice for the entire convention: Victorian Mysticism OR Laughter in the Graveyard OR Why Actors Choose Their Roles. I have no idea what we're going to do. We may just have to wander around until we pick one. We're going to hit up Editors and Agents Tell All  and then Hollywood or Georgia Bound--Screenwriting 101 before partying the rest of the night away at The Mechanical Masquerade. And yes--we will probably be in costume.

Monday morning will probably be going through the vendors, doing any last minute shopping and what not. Our final panel is in the afternoon--Women in Alternate History. After that, we're packing the car up and making the trek back down to Florida.

I know. I'm going to be ridiculously busy. But never fear, I'll keep you guys updated with pics and tweets and Facebook posts. Wish me luck, guys!

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