Monday, July 16, 2012

Media Monday--My New Obsession

Well--my entire day was thrown off. I have no idea why, since I was up at a decent time and did actually get some things accomplished. But then I fell asleep in the middle of the day and now I feel entirely out of whack. Ugh. Naps--I both love them and hate them.

Moving on.

I stumbled across a show on Syfy and I have to admit, it's both terrifying and kind of funny. Terrifying because I was one of those people who was absolutely freaked out by Paranormal Activity and its sequels and so most shows dealing with the paranormal wig me out. Funny because, well, the people are just...funny.

The show in question is Haunted Collector. Apparently, this is the second season, which is sad, because now I know I missed a whole season of this wonderfulness. Basically, the team of paranormal investigators visit various places at the request of people being haunted and do multi-day investigations in an effort to find out the source of any hauntings. Where this differs from other shows, such as Ghost Hunters (at least as far as I can tell--it's been a while since I watched that particular show), is the depth to the research the team does.

Oh, and if they find a haunted object, they remove it from the premises.

This usually works at helping the spirits settle back down. But not always.

The research team is comprised of the main guy (for lack of a better term), his son, his daughter, and three non-related individuals--researcher, tech, and investigation. Everybody participates in the actual investigation. They do the teams of two bit, sometimes with two teams, sometimes with three. They also do the usual EMF and EVP investigations, which can be pretty damned freaky.

But really, the reason I love the show is because the main guy, John Zaffis, has the most out of place voice I have ever heard. Seriously. There are times when he's explaining things or just talking that I have to pause the show and laugh for a few minutes. It's not that he's saying anything funny. He just has a very precise, very specific voice. And it's so out of place with the show that it tickles my funny bone.

Now, having given you a run down on the show, I'm going to go watch a few episodes. And try not to laugh myself into a coma.

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