Monday, July 30, 2012

Media Monday--Guilty Pleasure Movies

So, I was originally going to do a review of The Newsroom, because despite the yells and boos of the critics, I'm still totally in love with the show. But then I turned on the television (because I can't do anything without background noise) and what should be on the screen?

Sister Act 2. And what's following it? Sister Act.

I dare any child of the 90's to tell me they have never heard of those two movies. Whoopi Goldberg may not be on anyone's most awesome or most favorite list, but let met tell you, she knocked the shit out of the park with these two movies. I think I may have mixed some metaphors in my excitement but whatever. The movies themselves are just full out feel-good. And, unlike a lot of movies today where you either get people who can dance/sing or people who can act but not both at the same time, the main characters in these films do both. (Ok, with the exception of Wendy Makenna's character, but we'll let that go)

So I guess you can tell I really like these movies. They may not be on the same level as something directed by Aaron Sorkin or David Fincher but I love to watch them nonetheless. Other movies that fall in the same category of guilty pleasure:

Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I will randomly break out in songs from this movie. I can't help it. It's so funny to look at Cary Elwes in this movie and then look at him in something like Speed or Saw.

My Bloody Valentine (3D). I may not be able to watch the 3D version, but I still love watching the movie. It's a funny slasher film without trying too hard to be funny.

The Scary Movie series. Yes, all of them. I love all of them. I think I've established I have a love for the ridiculous and even more ridiculous and these movies definitely qualify on all levels. Plus, Anna Faris is a freakin' comedic genius as far as I'm concerned.

Finally...Waiting. I feel like any person who has worked in the food service industry relates to this movie. I've said it before and I'll say it again--any time I have a bad day at work, I come home and pop this movie in the DVD player. Because it never fails to brighten my mood.

Ok, there they are--my guilty pleasure movies? What are some of yours?

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