Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Thursday!

Randomness coming your way starting....NOW!

Today, I have to go renew my tag and stuff. I've never had to do this, because I've never own a car in my name, so this is new and interesting. And possibly expensive. Yuck.

I'm also actually looking at a car for me.The current car is like a family, all purpose car. I want something for me, so life can be a little easier all around. And what do I want? A Mustang. Yes, I know, so cliched and obvious and so on, but I'm pretty much at the point in my life where I'm only going to get something if it's something I really, really want, so there you go.

What else? I'm working on a drinking game for 50 Shades of Grey. Not because I have an overwhelming desire to read it, but because we're reading it as a "book club" thing at work. Which means we meet once a week and read aloud for a few hours because most of the people I work with don't read. Yes, my heart breaks as well. Since I refuse to read the book without alcohol, a drinking game is required. That way everybody can be schonkered.

Oh--you know how some people are drunk dialers or drunk texters? I'm more of a drunk Tweet-er. I just use the damn thing to say anything and everything when I'm sitting at the bar. So if you're following me on Twitter and see random nonsense on a Wednesday--that would be why.

Tomorrow--I post the rules for the drinking game! How's that for a food post?
(I know, I've been horribly negligent in that area. Someone slap me now.)

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