Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Friday!--The 50 Shades of Grey Drinking Game

I would have posted this earlier today, but, well, I fell asleep. Apparently I was really fucking tired. Whatever.

So, there are two different levels/phases to this thing. Because when there's something huge like this, you need to break it down. Otherwise you're just going to get fucked up twice as fast.

So, Level One--The Drink Level

Take a sip any time one of the following occurs:

--stammers, stutters, or is otherwise incapable of normal speech
--is clumsy beyond words
--refers to someone by their full name
--uses more than two descriptors for anything
--flushes, reddnes, or otherwise can't control the flow of blood to her face
--says anything along the lines of golly/gosh/oh my/jeez

Level Two--The Shot Level

Do a shot anytime one of the following occurs

--there's an obvious relationship red flag
--there's an obvious attitude of hatred toward a woman
--there's an obvious Twilight similarity
     (by this I mean even someone who has only seen the movies could spot the similarities)

Okay, that's it for now. There may be additions or deletions at some point once I figure out how fucked up this is going to make people. Anybody who tries it, let me know.

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