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Wednesday Recap--Guilty Pleasures Chapter 4

First off: appreciate this. Because instead of writing this, I really want to be reading the new Mira Grant book, Blackout, that I've been waiting an entire year for. But I'm slogging my way through a chapter, so...appreciate. That's all I'm saying.

There was an undercurrent of fear. That peculiar terror that you get on roller coasters and at horror movies. Safe terror.

Every time I see a bit like this I get super excited and then I feel sad. Excited because hey, that's a decent spat of writing. Not instant orgasm wonderful, but decent. And then I feel sad because I remember how things turn out.

We get some buildup from Jean-Claude about the club, Guilty Pleasures, and then he introduces the first dancer, Phillip. Apparently Phillip is the shit. The women go absolutely wild. Maybe it's the calibre of strip clubs I've been in, but nobody ever gets super excited about any one particular dancer. But the places I've been to have been kind of seedy so, hey, who knows.

Phillip is....special. I think that's the nicest way to say it. He's scarred up, but they're not normal scars. They're vampires scars, from various bites and gnawing and what have you. This is apparently a turn on for a lot of people. Not for Anita, and I'm not really blaming her on this one. Catherine is freaked out, too. Monica is eating this shit up. Actually, she's eating Phillip up.

She was sucking the wound....Her eyes hel that lazy fullness that sex gives....she was basking in the afterglow.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, another vampire is. He's not as awesome as Jean-Claude on a variety of levels and Anita enjoys getting the one-up on him.

There's nothing like ruining the calm of a hundred-year-old vampire to boost a girl's morale.

Admittedly, this does seem pretty flippin' awesome.

What follows is something both clever and disturbing. I won't ruin things for you, because while I do think it's one of Hamilton's better sections of writing so far (I'm trying to forget all the books that came after, so don't laugh at me), there are some legitimate questions and they all stem from Anita's perceptions and reactions.

Without throwing out any spoilers, I think my description of Phillip above would lead you to the impression that he's a vampire junkie. Anita seems shocked to shit and back. I don't get this. She works with the police, she's an animator (i.e. can raise zombies for a bit), and gives the impression of being up to date on the legal dealings that have happened as a result of vampires coming out of the coffin (and I totally can't remember where the phrase came from, but I think it was Charlaine Harris). Why isn't she up to date on the social/cultural going ons? I'm always astounded by the belief that the cultural aspects of anything can be ignored without long-ranging consequences. As a "vampire hunter", you would think she would want to know everything possible about her prey.

Which kind of leads in to my second point. The emotion that I pick up the most from Anita in regard to vampires is fear. This isn't a bad thing, per se, but I don't think it's necessarilly a good thing. What I've gathered from just television and books and documentaries and life in general is that if you're hunting something, especially something just as lethal if not more so than yourself, you need to have some level of respect for the prey. This may sound silly, but case in point: The Avengers. Both Loki and his backers essentially write off humanity as nothing more than a bug to be squashed and in the end they lose. Having respect for your prey/enemy doesn't mean you want to buy them a beer and talk about your differences--to me, it means that you see not only their weak points, but their strong ones, because your mind is open to the idea of them having strong points. It's a little convoluted but I can't think of a simple way to break it down. In the end, I don't see Anita as having a lot of respect for her prey, which may come back to (haha) bite her in the end.

After the show with Phillip and Robert (the other vampire--sorry, forgot to mention that), Anita gets a beep. Because even though she's not on-call, she still carries a beeper with her. I guess I missed the part where she's like a doctor. Anita and Jean-Claude have another pseudo-sexual exchange and then she's off like a turd of hurdles.


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