Saturday, May 5, 2012

Special Saturday Edition: Thinking 'Bout A Change

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the time-honored tradition (yeah, right--it's so new the paint's barely dry) of snarking a book chapter by chapter. Overall, I find it time-consuming and usually not worth my time.

Until I found Jennifer Armintrout's blog.

This brave, brave, incrediably brave soul (did I mention she's brave?) is snarking/recapping 50 Shades of Gray. Not mine, but the title made infamous by E.L. James. Side note: can I tell you all how pissed I am about the title? Seriously--if I mention it now, I'm lumped in with "mommy porn". Then I have to explain, no, it's actually about magic and vampires, and then I have to deal with the damn Twilight questions. Anyway, enough of my anguish. I already loved Armintrout for her blog where she laid the smackdown on LKH. When I searched her blog, I also found her shout out to fellow writer and blog follower Naomi Clark and my respect increased a hundred fold.

Her recaps just solidified the adoration. They are... hilariously brutal, with equal emphasis on both words. I actually laughed and snickered out loud, which let me tell you, looks really strange when you're sitting in public reading your phone. People look at you a little sideways and scoot their chairs over a few inches.

So, both in honor of the heroic Armintrout and because I feel like the blog could use a little change-up, I'm thinking about turning Wednesdays into Recap Wednesday. The question, of course, is which book/series to recap/snark. I'd prefer to stick with something I already own, since I've alreayd read them and so it really becomes more about taking notes and looking for obvious WTF moments I wouldn't have noticed the first time. Because I'm one of those people who get so absorbed in a story that I gloss over some things that later will hit me in the head. It's rare that something jolts me completely out of a story. But I digress--as usual.

So, the choices for the first book for Recap Wednesday are:

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
One For the Money by Janet Evanovitch
Twilight by Stephanie Meyers
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I'll give everyone a week or so to make their decision, either here or on Facebook, where I'll be putting up a poll.

Please--don't make me read Twilight again. I've read too much snark about it to go in with a clear head. It may hurt me to try.

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  1. Oh-er. I've avoided re-reading the early Anita Blake books in case I realise they're just as bad as the recent ones. I'll be interested to see your perspective!