Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thursday!

The countdown is still on! I'm just waiting for my editor to finish up and then Harvest Moon Rising will be yours. This would be the moment for an evil laugh. I'll wait while you take care of that.

Ok. Moving on.

I'll be spending the day doing uploads for the print version of Shades of Desire, banging out a few thousand on Shades of Blood, and then whiling away the afternoon with my niece and nephews. They're only in town for another day or so and then they're driving back to Texas. Well, they're not driving, my sister is, but either way, they're leaving for a bit. Then they come back next week and then they move to Kansas. I told them they need to rename their dog ToTo but nobody listens to me.

My evening will probably be more writing, since I don't have to speed through my reread of The Passage. Why, you may ask? Because I just found out the release date for the next book in the series, The Twelve, (and I don't know why my computer isn't letting me bold that--annoyance) has been pushed back to October. Am I annoyed? Hell, yes. This seriously marred my enjoyment of the latest Nora Roberts and Charlaine Harris releases.

Thank God Blackout is still due to come out on the 22. I really would have thrown a fit then. Sidenote--if anyone can get their hands on an ARC of the book, I would love them forever. Seriously. Forever.

At the moment, I can't think of anything else random. Tomorrow, I'm going to do a little bit on grilling, since I think I"ll be doing some actual grilling tomorrow. It seems like the appropriate season, yes? Catch ya'll on the flip side!


  1. I loved New Moon Rising and am counting the minutes until Harvest Moon Rising. I saw the release date for Harvest Moon is May 4th but I don't see it on amazon. Has it been moved back because your waiting on your editor? If so, do you know how long it will be?

  2. Hey, M--you're right, my editor had something come up, so HMR will be a day or two late. I'm crossing my fingers to have it up before the weekend is over, if not, then definitely before this time next week. Happy reading!