Monday, May 21, 2012

Media Monday--Season Review of Smash!

I'm a lover of musicals. That's the easiest way to say it. I fell in love with musicals after watching The Sound of Music when I was like 10 and it's just sort of gone from there. When I went to New York in March, I saw Anything Goes on Broadway and I felt like I had achieved something truly monumental in life. So obviously, when Smash premiered back in February, I was on board from the get-go.

Smash had a ton of ups and downs. A TON. It was like the proverbial roller coaster, but in television form (which is one of the few roller coasters I'll do, because I'm afraid of heights). At the center of everything, though, was the big question:

Who will play Marilyn?

Would it be the seasoned Broadway veteran, Ivy Lynn, who finally had her big break in reach? Or would it be Karen Cartwright, still farm girl fresh, struggling for her own shot at fame and glory? (I'm not counting the movie star, because I think everyone knew she wouldn't keep the role in the end)

Each girl had her strong points. Ivy, as mentioned before, is a veteran of Broadway. She's paid her dues. She understands the grueling schedule and demands of a show. She gets both parts of the phrase "show business". Karen, on the other hand, brings an innocence to the role of the bombshell (a fitting title for the fledgling show) that can't be faked. Her voice is, for me at least, superior to Ivy's--this isn't to say Ivy's voice was bad, because it wasn't. Karen's voice simply resonated more, with one notable exception (Ivy Lynn's rendition of I'm Going Down).

In the end, that innocence won Karen Cartwright the role, even if it may have cost her a wedding.

The Affair of the Affair

Viewers and critics alike came down harsh on the relationship between Michael Swift (Joe DiMaggio) and Julia Houston (Debra Messing). One of the most common complaints was how it did--or rather--didn't handle the reality of an affair. The reality is: THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO WRITE AN AFFAIR. I'm sorry, but there isn't. Back when I was young and stupid (which I sometimes think the two words go hand in hand), I was very firm about cheating. I wouldn't do it and I expected the same from my partner. As I've gotten older and been kicked in the teeth more by life, I've gotten more flexible. I can see how people can either fall into or actively engage in an affair. And I can see how some couples can come back from an affair. I think Smash handled the situation in one of a hundred ways, which doesn't make it right or wrong. It just makes it one way to handle it.

I planned to make this post longer, but honestly, those were the two big issues with Smash, at least as far as I'm aware. I don't spend a lot of time on message boards, so who knows. And I'm sure my opinions are not popular. Whatever.

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