Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writing Wednesday--A Song Stuck in My Head

So, I'm currently working on Shades of Blood, with a little Winged thrown in for creative inspiration and the edits for Harvest Moon Rising. My playlist, as always, is eceletic and not really geared toward any one work in progress.

And yet, there's a few songs that seem to continue to resonate, not just for me personally but for the books as well. Like all the books. Which is unusual.

Kelly Clarkson, Let Me Down. Maybe I'm cynical. Okay, scratch that, I am cynical and I make no apologies for it in the least. I think that's why the song appeals to me--there's such a strong, fatalistic quality about it. A relationship is doomed before it even starts sometimes and you have to make the choice to ignore that and wind up heartbroken or walk away.

Rascal Flatts, Come Wake Me Up. This is another one of those heart-wrenching songs that I adore. I'm not a big fan of bouncy, happy music for regular listening. I'd much rather daydream to the kind of song that will twist your heart and soul inside out. This one does that in spades.

Adele, Rolling in the Deep. There is no reason I'm so in love with this song. Yes, it's awesome and yes, Adele knocks it so far out of the park it's a speck on the horizon, but there is no actual reason for it to play so well when I'm writing or editing. And yet, it does. Maybe it goes back to being cynical and more than a little vicious and wishing I had the guts to eviscerate someone so beautifully. Yeah, that's probably it.

Like I said, other than being a little on the depressing side (yes, even Adele--listen to the chorus--there's heartbreak there), they don't really have a great deal in common. And there are songs that actually play better for each book on an individual basis--for Harvest Moon Rising, it's Rascal Flatt's, I'm Moving On--there's a line that says "I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong" that sums up Cari's thoughts and feelings perfectly.

But for whatever reason, I keep coming back to those three songs. So if for whatever reason you're curious about the source of some of the emotion and volatility of the books, look no further than those three pieces.

Tomorrow--the return of randomness!

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