Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing Wednesday--Do NOT Feed the Trolls!

I will admit to being one of those people who is ridiculously entertained by a fight of any kind. Really, any kind. Doesn't make a difference who the people are or what the fight is about, there's a retty good chance I'm going to be happy as hell to just sit back and watch.

Pretty good chance. But not an absolute. Case in point--comment/review wars.

I'm not going to link to examples or even mention sites because I feel that would be doing what I'm saying not to do in the title. I just feel like, to paraphrase and modernize a slightly offensive joke, fighting over the internet is a lot like the Special Olympics--even if you win, you look more than a little special.

Just keep that in mind, folks. Lest you become the troll under the bridge.

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