Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Thursday!--Paperwork, Peneii, and Craziness

Today, I am full of randomness! Stuffed to the gills with it!

Paperwork. I have to go re-sign paperwork from a month ago because someone screwed something up. It's an error in my favor, but I still hate having to waste my time to go sign papers because no matter what time you go, it always takes forever. You could be the only person in the store and it would still take five flippin' years.

Peneii. Or whatever the plural of penis is. And no, I'm not meaning this in a happy way. I currently have no penis of any kind in my life (yes, I know, it sucks horribly). I just mean men in general and men I work with specifically. I've discovered something, something no one will ever tell people with ovaries and it's absolutely astonishing. Wait for it--if you act like you want to screw someone, you can get away with murder. That's it. You don't even have to screw them. You just have to pretend like you want to. You can get away with shit that no other person in the history of the company could possibly get away with. Why? Because the majority of men think with their penis. Which is why I refer to them as peneii.

Psychotic Bitches. This kind of plays in to the mini-rant above, because for whatever reason, peneii adore psychotic bitches. Really, they do. They may also be scared to death of them, but they adore the hell out of them. It's like they're attracted specifically to the craziness. Don't get me wrong, most women go psycho at some point. After all, we're putting up with peneii. But I'm talking about the women who are just bat-shit crazy on the regular. Everyone knows someone who is constantly in the middle of some sort of drama. And you want to feel bad for them, and maybe you do, but then they go off the fucking deep end about the most ridiculous thing ever and you just sit back and think, "You're a fucking lunatic. I DON'T feel bad, not in the least." It could be I've seen more than my fair share since I've been in the service industry for a while. This is possible. It could also be possible that I seem to attract these types of individuals into my circle, because I'd be willing to believe that, too. Either way--THEY ARE RUNNING MORE AND MORE RAMPANT THESE DAYS. WHERE WILL THE MADNESS END?!?!?!?!

Okay. I feel kind of better now.

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