Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Wednesday--Combining Business and Fun

Woohoo! So, I've been in New York a few days, and I've been living it up. But--I've also been working. Why? Because I'm a nutcase. And because I always like to actually be able to look at a place I'm writing about. While I'm doing some research for a Frankie Post book down the line (yes, they'll eventually make it back to New York), I'm really doing research for Winged.

One of the things about Winged that I love is the historical aspect. I love being able to incorporate real places and events into books. Growing up, I'd often read romance novels set in a certain time or place, and afterwards would find myself reading non-fiction books about what interested me. Yes, I'm a dork, but this little quirk made college pretty damn easy and more fun than it otherwise might have been.

The second training exercise detailed in Winged is a recreation of the Stonewall Riots. If you don't know what those are and feel the urge to Wikipedia them real quick, don't feel bad. Those two words were part of a throwaway line in the Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child book Reliquary. No reference, no real purpose other than a contrast point. But it was enough to spike my interest--although not until much later, I'll admit (hey, I read the book when I was 15--give me a break).

In a nutshell, the Stonewall Riots served as a wake up call for the LGBT community. The events that occured June 28, 1969 were a springboard for the same issues that we're still dealing with today. The fight for LGBT rights is not new by any means, although we are now, at last, making inroads, in much the same way it took women and minorities alike decades to have their voices heard. If there's anything to be learned from these movements, it's that change is like a fire.

It only needs a spark to grow into an inferno.

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