Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Thursday!

One more day! Who else is excited! I'd promise to calm down, but I'd be lying, and so I'll refrain. So, what else is going on in my thoroughly chaotic life this week?

I'm surrounded by crazy bitches. I'm not even choking. Crazy bitches at work, on Facebook, random crazy bitches at the bar...they are every-fucking-where. Two out of the three places for potential and actual crazy bitches are also the places where physically violent people are likely to be--and funnily enough, the bar is not one of those places. There are times when I'm happy to know about the details of people's lives (I'm a writer, I'm nosy) and then there are times where I'm like, "Whoa, back the crazy train up and let me off back at Slightly Sane Town, please."

I've found the inspiration for a character for after I finish, well, everything I'm currently working on. Check out this obituary for Ruby Garret. I'll wait. How awesome was this woman? I would have bought her a drink every time I saw here, which is saying a lot for me. And you may disagree with me, but I think she'd be an awesome character.

I'm moving. Again. Just from one apartment to the next. I thought I had less stuff than I do. Turns out, I don't. And with my book buying habit showing now signs of abating ever and writing becoming more and more a part of my income, I need the space both for additional bookshelves and to set up a home office. And while I'm sure I'll feel super professional with a home office, I'm also sure I'll feel super weird.

Did I mention the Hunger Games comes out tomorrow? I'm going to be reading the book today in preparation for tomorrow. Because I'm a nerd like that.

Tomorrow... I have no idea, but I'll think of something. I haven't been having a lot of food-speriences lately. Either way, catch you later!

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