Friday, March 9, 2012

Food Friday!--I Am Soooo Glad to Be Back Home

I'm baaaccckkkk! Yeah, I totally just threw out a Poltergeist reference, but it was applicable. Ok, not entirely, since there aren't crazy spirits occupying my home, but still.

While I've unpacked, I haven't bothered to wash clothes, and probably won't until Monday so I can get back on schedule. Instead, I'm going to do some work on two different projects, since I'm feeling somewhat revived, and at some point I'm going to get to the grocery store, since both the cats and myself need food. But first...

What I Learned About Food in New York

1. "Diner" does not mean the same thing up north as it does down south. It seems like every diner I walked into had table clothes, very, very nice silverware, and a very steep pricetag. Now, that isn't to say that I'm cheap (ok, a little), but I don't think I'm out of line to be shocked by a $4 single glass of Diet Coke and a $17 grilled cheese sandwich.

2. Onions are forbidden. Not entirely, but close enough. The only time I saw onions as a condiment was in the Subway next to my hotel. Otherwise--they've been ix-nayed. But Christ on a cracker, do they love tomatoes.

3. Ice is frowned upon. I swear to Jesus, it was like the servers were afraid you'd yell at them if they gave you more than three or four ice cubes.

4. Refills? Also frowned upon. Which I found hysterical, especially in light of the aforementioned $4 for a single glass of Diet Coke. And actually, on at least two different occassions, the server brought me a single can of soda with a glass half full of ice. At the same places charging $13 for two eggs, two strips of bacon and two pieces of french toast, no less. Wacked? I agree.

And finally....

5. You're not paying for flavor. Hear me out on this. I ate at about....6-8 different places. I can't accurately recall at the moment. The biggest thing they had in common, besides price? NO FLAVOR. You think I'm joking. The bread on a turkey club? Flavorless, even though technically it was wheat. The mashed potatoes of my bangers and mash? Definitely instant, definitely flavorless. The breakfast potatoes? No flavor.

Really, New York? Really? I expected better.

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  1. So, I guess the really, really expensive places could charge you for the taste. Wow. Yep, I love southern cooking. Gotta have onions and some kick.
    Besides the food, I hope you enjoyed yourself. The only thing my son liked about his visit to New York was the plays.