Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing Wednesday--Getting Back on Track

Wednesday! By the end of the evening, I'll be in a lovely, vodka induced haze. Not stupor, just haze. Before then, there will be work (again), maybe some shopping, definitely a movie. And I'm going to do my best to squeeze in wome writing.

There's something about working 7 shifts a week that makes me disinclined to write. It's like all my energy goes into just getting through the week, that by the time I have time to write--meaning from Thursday to Sunday--I'm so busy playing catch up with life in general that I can't find the energy and drive to work. Does this suck? Yes. Does it piss me off? Yep. Do I feel like a total slacker? Bet your ass.

Can I do anything about it? Not at the moment.

I'm nearing the end of my lawyer-like schedule, and I can feel some of my energy returning. Not a lot, but some. I can sit down and write about 500 words or so without wanting to fall into a coma from lack of sleep. I can kick myself in the ass a little bit harder and not feel like I'm overextending myself.

In other words, I'm getting back on track.

Thank God. Because I was totally about to blow my timeline for the year. And that would have pissed me off more than the lack of sleep.

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