Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tuesday Buildup--New Cover for New Moon Rising

In honor of the forthcoming release of Harvest Moon Rising (mid to late April), I've done some spiffing up of New Moon Rising. My fabulous editor, Lea Ellen Borg, has gone through and done some touch up editing. And--get this--I slaved away on Photoshop and produced a new cover. See below:

Fairly awesome, yes? Let me tell you, I'm beyond excited about that. It took me some insane time--like 5 hours--and I nearly pulled my hair out. My hat is totally off to my normal cover creater, Kendra Lee Egert, because if I had to do this on a daily basis, I'd totally shoot myself. But as a learning experience and all around different thing to do, it was fun.

Tomorrow...I'm not sure, entirely. I'll figure it out. Countdown to New York: 4 DAYS!

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