Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Thursday!

Only 22 days until New York City! My excitement knows no bounds, clearly.

Also on the list of random things today:

I have new shoes! I had to order them on-line, because no place in my damn city had black walking boots in my size. But they're here now and they are awesome.

I think I've gotten the writing goose/spirit back. This is good not just for me but for you guys, too. All things being equal, the next Cari book will be out in mid-April.

I've totally got to catch up on my TV watching. I'm behind on The Good Wife, Revenge, Luck, and I missed the premiere of The River.

Winter may have finally arrived in Florida. Which for us, means it's down to like 45 degrees during the day. Yes, we have it so hard.

Okay, guys. Got to check a few things on other things, then it's off to work. But first, I leave you with this, in honor of some really important game that happened this week. Or so I heard.....

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