Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Thursday!--Plotting EVERYTHING

I'm a planner. It's what I do. I plan for trips, for the day, for my evening out. Hell, I've planned for the zombie apocolypse. You would think this makes plotting almost second nature.

You would think. You would also be wrong.

I've tried plotting. Really, I have. I've created entire documents, like 5 or 6 page documents, with breakdowns of what's going to happen in each chapter. I've even included dialogue sometimes, just so I wouldn't forget those little flashes of inspiration.

For some reason, those books are always the hardest ones to write.

Don't get me wrong, I always hit a wall when writing. Always. I've discovered the earlier the wall, the easier the rest of the writing process. For instance, with Taken, I hit the wall around chapter eighteen or so. I took a few weeks off, dealt with stuff, and after that it was pretty smooth sailing. Whenever I get back to Shades of Blood, which will be the project after Harvest Moon Rising, I shouldn't have any issues--I hit the wall, I know where I'm going, and now I'm ready to burrow/climb under/over it.

But plotting? Actually writing stuff down? It kind of makes the wall even harder to climb.

I've talked about this, and one of the theories is that because I already know where the book is going, I have no desire to write it. Like, if you know how the movie is going to end, do you still watch the movie? Well, depending on my investment in the movie, yes. There have been times I've Googled a movie, not like the ending, and said "Screw this", and cu it off. But that's rare. And since it could be argued that I'm naturally invested (after all, I'm writing the damn thing), then that theory doesn't have a lot of weight.

I have no good answer for not following the plotting process. The only answer I have is: it doesn't work for me.

So maybe I do have a good answer after all.

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