Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Thursday!--Almost Vacation Time!

I'm down to single digit days before vacation! I still need to buy my luggage, though. And I need Amazon to give me my money. Ok, that I don't really need until like the third of March, but I like to be prepared.

I'm still not entirely sure of everything I'm going to do while in New York. I'm definitely doing some of the usual tourist stuff--Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Natural History, the Met, Bronx Zoo....and then there are a ton and a half of museums downtown. I really don't think I'll get to even half of the things I want, but I'm damn well gonna try.

I'm not big on nightlife, but I'm going to hit up a few places. The owner of the business I work for told me I have to go to Don't Tell Mama. I want to check out The Stonewall Inn (for research purposes), and I'm always up to head down to a dive bar. I like dive bars. They're wonderfully unpretentious and usually have great--and cheap--drinks.

I'm also not big on shopping, but I'm going to have to do some. Hello, I'm in New York. If I didn't do some shopping of some variety I'd feel like I wasted a great opportunity. Besides, my sister's ten year anniversary and my friend's daughter's birthday are like the week after, so I can get them awesome gifts.

If I find a show I want to see--and I'm willing to pay the highway robbery prices for--I'm going to take in a show on Broadway. I'm nervous here, because everyone tells me to wait and buy tickets from the day-of booth in Times Square, but I'm such a planner, this is freaking me out. At the same time, since I really don't care what I see, this is definitely the best idea.

As of this post, I've got NINE DAYS. The excitement alone may kill me.

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