Monday, February 13, 2012

Media Monday--A Mini-Rant on OnDemand Episodes

My original plan was to talk about the series premiere of The River, since it was creepy as hell and gave me the shivers in the worst way possible. But recent events have changed my mind and have filled me with...not quite a rage, but definitely a high level of annoyance.

One of the things I loved about 2 Broke Girls--aside from the obvious humor and snark--was that the episodes were offered online for free. Let's face it--sometimes you just can't make it to the couch or easy chair at the appointed time. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm not the only person in the world who doesn't have DVR. So really, knowing that I could catch up on any episodes I might have missed without resorting to shady, possibly illegal sites was awesome.

Now imagine my shock when, after missing the latest episode, I go to watch it online. And that little feature, that jewel of CBS thinking, no longer existed.

Yes. I was serverely annoyed.

And then I thought--"Wait a minute. Maybe it's no longer online because it's OnDemand." This is even better. So I go and check.

Nope. Not there either.

Now--now I'm REALLY annoyed.

Is it because of the immense popularity of the show? Did winning an award for Best New Comedy go to CBS's head? Are they themselves annoyed with the words of recent critics, and have decided to take it out on the viewers? Or are they just cheap m-f-uckers and couldn't spend a few extra dollars on maintaining a feature that no doubt helped drive viewers to their show?

Whatever the reason--ITS' BULLSHIT.

Yeah. I said it. IT'S BULLSHIT.

Ok, rant over. On another note, I'm discontinuing Sexy Sunday, for two reasons. One, I really don't feel like censoring the site for underage/inappropriate material. And while I don't think sex is inappropriate, I never want some kid to accidently wander in and be scarred for life. For two--I just don't feel very sexy after working all day on Sunday.

Alright--tomorrow, we're going to have a mini-history lesson on the Cherokee Indians and their prescence in the state of Georgia. Trust me, this is all vital to Harvest Moon Rising. Catch you on the flip-side.

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