Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Wednesday: The Writing Playlist

What's up, everybody? It's that time of week again, where joy and glee and happiness occur--wait, that's tonight, when I have my night of drinking. Here on the blog today, we're talking writing playlists, or more specifically, the two I have going for my current WiPs.

Harvest Moon Rising, as one might expect, has a little bit more of a country feel. I've been throwing down to Sara Evans, Chris Young, LeAnn Rimes, Lady Antebellum, and a few others. It's funny, but if I try and write to something a little less country, the words don't quite flow the way they otherwise do. It might be because I associate southern Georgia, just a thirty minute drive from where I live, with country music. I know that I grew up on country, not "discovering" pop and R&B until I was into my teens. Yes, I know--deprived childhood.

On the other hand, Winged is sort of multi-genre-ish. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a theme going on, but it's sort of spread across genres. I've got some Adele, Sara Evans, Trisha Yearwood, 3 Doors Down, Bruno Mars, Matchbox 20, and Sugarland. The theme song, the huge, overarching song for not just Winged but for the entire series, is hands down Kelly Clarkson's Honestly, off her latest release, Stronger. Go give it a listen, and you'll see why. Or maybe not. I'll admit, I've been tight-lipped on the project, so you may have to use your imagination.

So, that's it for this Writing Wednesday. Be sure to check out Jagged Edge Reviews, where I've been set on the hotplate and thoroughly grilled. I'll admit, it was a smidgen uncomfortable.

Catch you on the flipside!

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