Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thursday! We're Full of Random Today!

Yes, I'm super awake and super excited! This is what happens when I actually get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep. I'm deadly awake.

Up first, the Taken blog tour continues over at Reviews by Molly, with another chance to win a copy of Taken and a very nice review (thanks, Molly!) Tomorrow I'll be over at Supernatural Bookworm, spilling my guts--in  a purely metaphorical sense, of course.

For those interested in making sure you have a copy of Taken, without having to worry about any entries into giveaways, head over to Red Hot Readers on Facebook. While you're there, you can check out a ton of other free e-books, including fellow Red Hot Publishing writer C.J. Ellisson and her bestselling Vampire Vacation series. This is an excellent place to stock up your Kindle or other e-reader, and the best part is all the books are free. Yes, FREE.

Today, I'll be working on Harvest Moon Rising, and if any of you want to amble over to my author page on Facebook, I'm asking a question that has a lot to do with the direction the book will go. I'm kind of hesitant to take it that way, but if I do, I have so much more drama and at least two potential new outcomes. Awesomeness!

I'm still at work on the super secret project (Winged), but I'm doing my best to get HMR back into full throttle.

Less than fifty days until I go on vacation! Cross your fingers I make it there.

Now--off to put my nose to the grindstone!

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