Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Can I Have a Drumroll, Please?

I promised you I'd reveal what the super secret project, due to be released in 2013, is all about. And I totally plan to. But first, I have to give you all some background information.

How many of you out there can tell me how many classes of angels there are? Anyone? Ok, I'll tell you--there are nine. The nine are then divided into three orders, with three classes in each order.

The first, and highest, consists of the Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones, all of which serve as priests of God in some capicity. The second order consists of Dominions, Virtues, and Powers, who act as heavenly governors. The third and final order is comprised of Principalities, Archangels and Angels, who rule and watch over various created things.
You notice what's missing, something I never noticed until I started doing some research, just to be on the safe side with this idea? There isn't anyone who expressly stands between mankind and demons. Shocking, I know. I actually went to about a half dozen different websites, tried a dozen or so different search phrases just to be sure.

So, first thing to keep in mind--there isn't anyone existing with the sole purpose of fighting back the tide of evil.

Now, we're going to go old school apocryphal, and talk a little abou the Book of Enoch. To make a moderately long story short, a portion of angels/archangels saw the women of the world and desired them. Wanted to live among them. Major no-no. So when this group of angels/archangels did just that, lived and walked and laid with women, who in turn bore children, God was seriously on the not happy side. He pretty much went, "You want to be with the humans? Done deal." And locked them out of heaven. The head of the now cast out angels, Samyaza, went to Enoch, who is described both in the Bible and in other works as a just and honorable man, and asked for him to intercede on behalf of the Fallen Angels. The message God sent back?

Judgment has been passed upon you; your request will not be granted you. From this time forward, never shall you ascend into Heaven; (He has said, that) on the earth He will bind you, as long as the world endures. But before these things you shall behold the destruction of your beloved sons; you shall not possess them, but they shall fall before you by the sword. Neither shall you entreat for them, nor for yourselves; But you shall weep and supplicate in silence. (Book of Enoch)
Keep in mind, these angels are different from those who were cast out as part of the great rebellion against God. So, second thing to keep in mind--there are two groups of beings who basically want payback on God.

Ok, so what does this all this mean? I promise, I'm getting there right now. What if...

God (or Allah or whoever you subscribe to--we're going for religious open-mindedness here), in an effort to both prevent future episodes such as the one described in the Book of Enoch and to deal with the increase of evil in the world, "creates" a special class or order of individuals. The catch?

These individuals were, at one point in time, human. Just human.

Some of them were probably warriors, some of them weren't. Some were used to sacrificing themselves for the good of others, most probably weren't. The one trait they all share, the one thing that defines them as a group?

When the moment came where they could walk away from certain death, they didn't--for the good of someone else.

And so when they die, instead of going to heaven or wherever you believe people go, they instead wind up in a dusty, dirty, crowded office with a very overworked Secretary. And there, they're given an choice: go to heaven, go back to those last crucial moments before death and have the universe realigned so they live without negative consequences, or they can join this warrior group--the Winged.

If they choose to join the ranks of the Winged, they're given eternal life, eternal youth/stopping of the aging process, advanced healing from mortal (but not supernatural) weapons. They're trained to be warriors, with weapons ranging from longswords to crossbows to your standard 9 mm.

They retain all their human emotions. ALL of them--hatred, jealousy, love, lust, desire. They're free to pursue relationships with other Winged, or to enter into a relationship with an archangel, who serve as leaders and mentors of the Winged. Since they, the Winged, are no longer strictly human or strictly alive, the archangels aren't following in the footsteps of the Fallen Angels.


The Winged can never marry. They can never have children. They exist for the sole purpose of fighting demons. And if they should die in supernatural combat--they simply case to exist. They can never go to heaven. They can never quit, never turn back.

So, I've given you a ton of background. A ton. I'm sorry, but this is one of those times when it's kind of neccessary. And yet, I still haven't totally said what the series of 2013 will be about, other than hinting it above. Instead, I'm going to direct you to the brand new shiny tab at the top--Winged. There you'll find the prologue and first chapter for the first book. It's short, sweet, and to the point.

I hope you enjoy.

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