Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Thursday!

First things first: Next Monday, I'll be over at Shea MacLeod's blog doing a guest post on mythological creatures. What will be going on here? She'll be yapping about a movie or book or...something. I'm not sure yet.

Next--it's almost Christmas! Are you excited? Yeah, me neither. Christmas just means I'm working 50+ hour weeks for at least two weeks--in my case, closer to six or seven weeks. Oh, the joy.

If you haven't checked out the new tab at the top, hop on it! It's pretty much all you're getting for the next year in regards to the super secret project. Oh, I may throw a few things out now and then, but that's pretty much gonna be it. I've got like four other books to write for this year, plus the other five in the series. Ya'll are just gonna have to use your imagination for a bit.

Tomorrow, I plan to share my thoughts on holiday cookies, and possibly a recipe. Oh, and next week I'll post the blog tour schedule for you guys. For now...I'm off to write!

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