Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Thursday!

Today's bits of randomness:

I have to steal a vacuum cleaner. Not entirely. I have to clean my house, and do some serious vacuuming, butt I have no vacuum, nor a way to purchase one. So, I'm borrowing one from my job. I'll bring it back tomorrow, and I doubt I'll cause any damage to it. I hope so anyway. Even if I do, they have two others, so it should be fine. Which leads to my next bit of randomness.

Christmas Party on Sunday! Yes, Christmas Party already. Some of my co-workers are college students, and so we have to work around final exam week and winter break. And make sure a minimum amount of staff is hungover the next morning.

Final bit of randomness: I'm booking my flight for New York in like, two days. My excitement knows no bounds. None. I book the hotel at the end of the month, and then all that's left is to budget for the taxi to/from the airport, my Metro card, and lots and lots of spending money. Hello, income tax refund!

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