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Media Monday!--Guest Post by Shea MacLeod

Squee! I love guest posts. I especially love them when it's like Wife Swap, but less dramatic--meaning if you're wondering where I am, I am on here page (i.e.--here). So, without further ado...Shea!

I admit it.  I love Christmas.  I’m still a little like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the holidays.  Naturally this time of year gets me thinking about things like mince pie, sparkly lights, and angelic hosts.  However, not being a kid (and being a writer of things paranormal) means the kind of angels I think about do a lot less harp playing and a lot more ass-kicking. 

I love angels in fiction, whether it be in books or movies.  Smoldering, sexy, sword wielding guys with wings.  What could be bad about that?  So, let’s talk my favorite angels in fiction.

Michael (Legion)

So, sue me.  I loved this movie.  I’ve always thought Paul Bettany had an odd sort of sex appeal, but with those rippling muscles, ebony wings, and tattoos up the yin yang, well, be still my beating heart.

Michael is willing to put everything on the line to do what he believes is right.  And there is just something so right about a man – er, angel – with that kind of unwavering integrity and commitment.

Castiel (Supernatural)

What can I say?  He’s gorgeous as, um, heaven.  Not to mention ridiculously powerful and ever so slightly quirky.  Okay, a whole lot quirky.

But what I really love about him is how dedicated he is to what he believes to be right and good.  And yet when he discovers the truth, he’s another who is willing to turn his back on everything he knows and pick up a sword (metaphorical in his case) to defend humanity.

Gabriel (Falling Angel – Anne Stuart)

I read this novel more than a decade ago, yet the protagonist still haunts me.  Gabriel is the perfect example of the power of second chances.

A complete asshat in life, in death he is sent back to earth in a new (and completely HAWT) body to help three people whose lives he destroyed.  His is a story of love, redemption, and sacrifice.  Of an angel who learns what it is to be a real man.  And it is powerful.

Raphael (Guild Hunter series – Nalini Singh)

Who doesn’t love Raphael?  You know, when they’re not busy hating him.  The archangel of New York City is so cold and remote and breathtakingly beautiful, not to mention dangerous.  But one mortal woman holds his heart in her hands.  She who is so weak compared to angel-kind is so utterly powerful when it comes to him, and yet he trusts her absolutely. 

Raphael is living proof that love changes everything, even a being millennia old.  And that love can make you at once frighteningly weak, and incredibly strong.

Angels?  Yes, I love them.  And though I’ve yet to write about them, you can bet they’ll show up eventually.

Who’s your favorite angel-boy?

Thanks again to Shea for stopping by. I'll admit, I've only heard of two of these folks mentioned up above, so clearly, I'm behind. Tomorrow, I'll have another excerpt for you from Shades of Desire. Happy reading, guys!

Shéa MacLeod writes urban fantasy post-apocalyptic sci-fi paranormal romances with a twist of steampunk.  Mostly because she can’t make up her mind which genre she likes best. 

After living in Portland, Oregon most of her life, she now makes her home in an Edwardian town house in London just a stone’s throw from the local cemetery.  Which probably explains a lot.  Fortunately, the neighbors are quiet.

In addition to Dragon Warrior, Shéa is also the author Kissed by Darkness and Kissed by Fire, the first two books in the Sunwalker Saga.


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