Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writing Wednesday--I Have Failed

Yes. That's right. I got NOWHERE near close to the 50K required for NaNoWri. Why? A few reasons--or excuses, depends on how you look at them.

One, I'm doing my best to get through the editing on Shades of Desire. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you've read about my total hatred for editing. Actually, just for editing SoG and SoD, because they're very wordy, very full of character's internal thoughts, which I've been told is not the way to go. I'm working with a new editor, one who manages to get the job done without making me feel like an idiot, so who knows, maybe I'll stop hating the editing process at some point. But I doubt it.

Two, I got distracted by a project. I'm sorry, I've just got too much shit going on in my head to not write some of it down. I really, really, really want to focus all my energy on this, because I've got a deep gut feeling it'll be big. But I've got people asking for the next Jude, for the next Cari, even the next Frankie, so I can't devote all my time to this amazing idea. Instead, I'm going to spend 2012 putting out 2-3 Jude books, 1-2 Cari books, and 1-2 Frankie books.

Why am I going to kill myself with work? Because I plan to release an entire series in 2013. Yes, I'm assuming people will still want to read what I write in 2 years. Either I'm ballsy or psychic, I don't know which, but either way, I'm going for it. What this actually means is I'll be writing roughly a dozen books, if not more, in less than 24 months. This is like NaNoWri on cocaine. Or meth. I'm not sure which one keeps you up and going longer.

So, yes, I failed NaNoWri. But I'm coming away with a better sense of what I need to accomplish, and with an idea of how to accomplish it.

Now--back to editing. Damn it.

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