Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Tuesday Buildup!--Interview with Jude Magdalyn

Yeah, still haven't worked out a better title for this series of Tuesday features. But, I do have something better than usual for our Tuesday get-together: an interview with Jude Magdalyn, our narrator/main character of Shades of Gray (out now), and the upcoming re-release, Shades of Desire. I manged to get Jude to sit down for a little girl chat.

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, Jude. I know you're pretty swamped with the holidays.

Swamped does not begin to cover it. I've got people running in and out of the Crossroads, couples canoodling, society activites... it almost makes me nostalgic for the days when it was just me, or just me and Izzy.

Does it bother you, thinking about Izzy? It hasn't been that long since....

She was murdered by Hart? You can say it--after all, it's only the truth. To answer your question, yeah, it bothers me to think about her or talk about her. Izzy was my friend. For a long time she was my only friend. And Hart took her from me, not because she was a threat to him, but just to be petty and vicious. To some extent, I blame myself for that, for her dying, which is why I haven't talked to her family. I don't do guilt well, or grief for that matter, so I just... ignore it. Maybe it's not the healthiest way to deal, but it works for me.

Understandable. I'm sorry if I've upset you with the question.

No worries. If I got upset every time someone asked me a hard question, I'd be in a state of constant panic.

*Laughter* Moving on. The next chapter in your life--your biography, if you will--takes place a few months after the events in Shades of Gray. Care to give us a few hints?

First, let me say how weird it is to think of someone writing a biography of my life. But then again, my life itself is weird, so, hey--just going with the flow. Anyway, the week or so around Halloween, some vampire pretty much goes ape shit crazy, and Williams and his vampires, myself and the Covenant, and our new police liason have to pick up the pieces. Joy.

A new police liason? Do tell.

Well, it's not that exciting. He--Detective Rhett Duprees, NOPD--is there to sort of keep any Covenant related police activity as under the radar as possible. From what I understand, he was the partner of the previous guy and just kind of slid into the job. He's holding up pretty good so far, although he's a little stiff under the collar yet. I give it a few months before he's chill with us.

Speaking of the Covenant at large, what's going on with some of our favorite people?

 Uh, they're driving me crazy. Ok, not entirely, but they're giving it their best shot. Celia is, well, Celia is your normal totally precocious five year old who can send people to the future. We're working on her not doing it so much, but it's tough going. Elizabeth and Rian... there's not nearly enough time to go into the mess of those two.


We're working at getting along, for a variety of reasons. It's a lot of work.

There's another area people have a lot of questions about. You did a pretty rapid turn-around there, going from Williams to Theo.

I don't think it was a turnaround at all. Look, from the get-go I was attracted to both of them, on a physical level. I got to know them both more, on a personal level. I made a choice. Did Williams knowing about my family, knowing what his brother did to my family, play into the choice? Yeah, it did. But if there's anyone out there who wouldn't feel a sense of betrayal amount being kept in the dark about something so huge, well, they're a much better person than me.

Obviously, I've touched on a sensitive subject.

Yeah, you did. I'm sure there are people out in the world who constantly have to defend their romantic choices, and they manage to not be angry and hormonal about it. I'm not one of them. Bite me.

Speaking of hormones, how's the baby baking going?

It's going. I swear, there are days I feel like I've thrown up every bite of food I've ever eaten. And coffee. God, do I miss coffee.

*Laughs* You know, they say it gets better after the first three months.

So I've heard. Remind me to shoot "they" if I ever find them.

Thanks for taking the time to be here today, Jude.

That's it, folks! As you can see, she's still as cantankerous as ever. I'd lay odds on that baby coming out spouting sarcasm. Check back next week to get a little more background on the legend behind the inspiration for Shades of Desire!

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