Monday, November 14, 2011

Media Monday, Part Two--2 Broke Girls Review

Ah, a running review. Been a while since we did one of those. 2 Broke Girls runs at a much faster pace than say, True Blood or The Good Wife, so be prepared for some disjointedness.

It begins! Oh, the birthday singing--something I personally hate as a waitress. Although thank Jesus we don't have to do it at my job, and we definitely don't have anybody who does that crazy thing Caroline just did. Wow, what the hell was that? I'll give it to Beth Behrs, cause that takes brass balls right there.

Oh, the barbs. We get Les Miserables AND Rent references back to back.

And the hot bartender.The drama thickens. The kitchen scenes, totally true to life. Cooks are nuts, girls always have each other's backs. And wow, the bartender is kind of a douche. Feeling bad for Max.

Totally get the rich people/poor people difference between being depressed. Loving Max's coping techniques, i.e., turning to the bottle. Aw, Max is making me super sad. I miss the snark. Where's the snark? Where is it?

Holy shit! The kiss! Preceded by one of the best lines ever--"You're not my type. You're a bartender, you're near bottles all night, and you're not an alcoholic. Clearly, you don't know how to seize an opportunity." "Yes, I do."

I would totally melt if a guy used that on me. Totally melt. Because I'm a sucker.

And now it's the freakout. Wow..."My pants kept saying, take me off! And I was like, No, pants!" I would totally say that. Actually, I'm pretty sure I have said, more than a few times.....

Hipsters everywhere. Ugh. An ice penis? That's a little weird. Actually that's a lot of weird. And Johnny's girlfriend is kind of bitchy. Love the comment about flakiness spreading faster through Williamsburg than knit hats and herpes. And where the wine needed to go--I know my friends and I would absolutely have the wine bottles next to us during a situation like this.

"I can smell the sex from across the room."
 "It's complicated." "What is this, Facebook?"

And I was right, the girlfriend is totally bitchy. Love the Johnny Cash references. And now, we've I Love Lucy references.

Totally loving Caroline's efforts to get Max out of her funk. And her efforts at taking care of her. And Johnny? Yeah, he's hot, but he's also a total douche.

Overall, a great episode. Really wish I could catch all the funny parts as fast as they come, but, well, practice makes perfect.

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