Monday, November 21, 2011

Media Monday--I Think I'm Gonna Scream...

Yeah, I've been watching horror movies again. Since I've seen them all so many times, at least the ones in my collection, I'm not really in danger of screaming. Granted, there are still scenes in some of them that I can't watch, such as the crazy dream sequence in House on Haunted Hill, but for the most part I've become immune to the blood and guts and gore.

I like to think of these movies as background noise, to some extent, and then sometimes they're a great mood setter. If I've got to write a murder or a suspense scene or something along those lines, I throw on, say Prom Night--the reboot--usually with the commentary, and get to work. Need a little supernatural influence? I turn to The Unborn or Ghost Ship, both of which deal nicely, at least in my opinion, with the idea of souls, one with a nod to Greek mythology/Heaven and Hell, the other with a firm base in Jewish mysticism. Looking to tap into the craziness of the mind? I've got The Uninvited and The Alphabet Killer. More movies involving souls, reincarnation? How about The Grudge, The Return, The Eye? I'd keep going, but the movies start becoming a little uncatagorizable

Some people like to think of horror movies as the lowest common denominator of film, right down there with spoof flicks. I've already discussed my love of the spoof and why I think it's actually something insanely hard to pull off. To me, horror flicks are in the same vein. There are certain things that pop up in lots of horror movies, that are almost expected to show up--the bad guy behind the heroine in the bathroom mirror, the gratuitous shower/sex scene, the best friend who dies. The reason such scenes are there is because it's something we can all connect to or have a fear or to a certain extent. We're all scared of death, or of being attacked in our homes, we all understand the vulnerability being naked carries. They work because they speak to the similarities in each of us, something a drama or romance may not be able to do.

So, give me a good--or bad--horror flick any day of the week. I could always use the inspiration.

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