Friday, October 7, 2011

Food Friday--Soup!

Finally, after months and months and months of ridiculous heat, we're starting to get some cooler weather. Yes, I know what you're thinking--"There's cool weather in Florida?" Yes, by our standards, mornings starting in the 40s is "cool weather". Just remember, our summers are brutal.

Anyway, while I hate cold weather, I do love being able to wear snuggly things, amazing boots, and... soup! Can you have soup in the summer? Sure, and there are even some soups that are better in the summer, since they're basically just broth, but the truly amazing, insanely good soups get saved for winter.

Chicken noodle, cream of potato, french onion, gumbo... I have a ton and a half of soups I love to cook during the winter. For one, you can make a pot, and you've got dinner for at least two meals. For two, it's very soothing, maybe even more so than any other cooking.

Now, why is soup so soothing? Ignore the alliteration there, and focus on the question. For generations, the most well known advice for almost anything that ails you has been, "Have some chicken noodle soup." Even before scientists had to go and actually make sure it was true, everybody knew it. Maybe some of it was psychological--ok, maybe most of it is psychological, but it doesn't mean the damn soup didn't work.

I'm not going to lie. I have no freaking clue. None.

But I still love soup.

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