Friday, September 2, 2011

Shades of Gray Blog Tour: Final Stop--Excerpt and Giveaway!

So. We've reached the end. This is both a sad and momentous time. First, I'd like to thank all the bloggers who participated in the tour, because obviously, without you this wouldn't have been possible. I'd especially like to thank Belinda, over at The Bookish Snob - you've been one of my biggest supporters and fans since the beginning, and rest assured, I spread your praise as often as possible. I'd also like to thank everyone who has followed along. I hope you've been entertained and informed, at least a little of both, each day.

When I first sat down to write Shades of Gray, I had no idea how big it would become. Granted, it's not terribly big yet, but it's getting there. Still, when I sat down and started thinking about the kind of character I wanted to read about, I didn't plan on the start of a series. I just had the nebulous idea of a girl, the kind I'd like to hang out in a bar with, and from there came the idea of how to turn her life upside down, and from there, how to make things even more complicated.

But in the beginning, it was just about telling a story. One other people would like, that I'd be proud to say I wrote. A story that would have people saying, "When's the next one coming out?" or "I've been telling people about your stuff since I finished reading it."
There've been people along the way who've hated the story. Who called the story amatuer and self-indulgent and pretty much prayed I'd never write again. There've been people who, while more kind, just couldn't get into the story. Those people have made me, made my writing, and made the next story stronger. So, they get a thank you.
And then there've been people like you. Who've found something to keep reading. Who've been entertained and amused and moved and a host of other emotions. Who've been supportive without ever even knowing it, or suspecting how much it matters.
This final stop - and giveaway - are for you.
But first - an excerpt! A cliffhanger, if you will, to keep you going until the next book.

One line. Two lines. Which did I want?
I was pretty good living the one line life. I got to drink whenever I wanted. Have sex whenever I wanted. Sleep whenever I wanted. Have sex whenever I wanted.
Maybe I focused too much on the sex. Not possible.
On the other hand, something about two lines made me warm and fuzzy inside.
I blew out a breath and sat on the edge of the tub. Crossed my legs. Uncrossed my legs. Stood up. Paced to the door. Back to the tub. Sat down on the edge.
I had no idea three minutes took so long. I’d had sex in less time. Not recently, thank you, Theo, but in the past.
Ninety seconds. I was going to die.              
One line. Two lines. One line. Two lines. Which did Theo want, one or two? We hadn’t talked about it. Joked, but not seriously discussed. Probably two lines. Maybe.
What if he wanted one line? Not all the time, but right now. What if he wanted a walk down the aisle first? Hand fasting, and how did that even work, really?
The timer went off and I jumped, nearly falling into the bathtub. I stood, surprised to find myself shaking a little. Taking a deep breath I picked up the test.
Oh. My. God.
Two lines.

Again, thanks so much for following along. I've had so much fun doing this, and can't wait to be out on tour again. But now - the giveaway!

The rules are very simple.

1. Be a follower on Twitter (lmpruitt)
2. Leave a comment with your email below.

EVERY person who does those two things will get a copy of Shades of Gray AND New Moon Rising. Yes, I said it, and I meant it. EVERY PERSON WHO FOLLOWS AND COMMENTS WILL GET A COPY OF BOTH BOOKS. Ok, I'll stop yelling now. You have from now until Sunday at midnight to follow and comment. I'll e-mail copies as people respond (unless it's the middle of the night - then you'll get them when I wake up/get home from work).

As always - HAPPY READING!


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