Monday, September 12, 2011

Media Monday--True Blood Season Finale: I'm Still Waiting

Well. That was disappointing. On a variety of levels.

Things I Was Expecting to Happen, And They Did:

The Fairy Thing Went Nowhere. Nowhere. No.Where. Honestly, what was the point? All it did was provide an easy out for times when there was no other way. Again, in writing, we call that a deus ex machina. It doesn't fly in books. It doesn't fly in television.

No Real Resolution--For Anything. The end of this episode seemed like the set up for...well, another episode. It did not seem like an appropriate cliffhanger to keep us interested for nine months. Hell, I barely cared nine minutes after it was over.

The Continuation of Making Likeable Characters Either Total Assholes--Or Dead. I may be alone, but I've always loved Hoyt. He's like the adorable puppy/boyfriend you always wanted, if only for a little bit. And now he's the absolute asshole of the show. Tara? The damaged friend, the one you actually kind of love to hate but still love. And now she's dead. Jesus? A grounded half to Lafayette, but grounded because he understands the potential craziness of magic. And how he's dead. Alan Ball, what the hell were you thinking?

Things I Wasn't Expecting,  And They DID Happen

The Introduction of MORE Characters. Alan Ball, just because you killed some people off--some who definitely didn't need to go--does NOT mean you bring in more people who the audience will end up disliking. Didn't you learn your lesson from Tommy Mickens?

The End of the Bill/Sookie/Eric Triangle. Jeez, really? It's a triangle for all of what, three episodes? And talk about the most anticlimatic breakup ever. I was so bored, I actually started checking the sales on my books.

Pam's Breakdown. The only part of the entire episode I cared/teared up over. Add to that Pan letting Ginger comfort her, when she is clearly not a people person, and it just hurt my heart.

Overall, a disappointing ending to a disappointing season. The news has already been released that there will be a fifth season, so maybe Ball and company can redeem themselves. If not, well--my Sundays will be free and clear.

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