Monday, August 15, 2011

Media Monday--True Blood "Spellbound"

Oh, what a tangled web Alan Ball has managed to weave. Not sure if I'm annoyed with that, or in awe.

Who didn't get at least a few minutes of air time last night? I guess it was bound to happen, with the convergence of story lines that True Blood is famous for, but this was an episode where you were likely to run into anybody and his brother's second cousin. The only person missing was Crystal, and I don't think she's really gone. Just slightly inconvenienced.

First things first: the shower scene. I've seen other people commenting on the let down they felt, and well... I agree. Come on, AB! This was a huge, monumental moment in the series. We let you slide with the love making in the bayou, because it was pretty damn beautiful and magical, and you followed it up with the sex-athon through the house, but this?!? Really? Really?!?

Second, Jessica. Straight up, one of my favorite characters. Kudos for not killing her off, because I may have been tempted to stop watching the series. And now on to her troubles--Christ. Really? I would never have pictured Hoyt to be the total asshole he was. Absolute, total, flaming asshole. Talk about mean and cruel and hurtful. And there she was, trying to do the right thing. For me, this completely clears her of the earlier glamour use. Asshole. Total asshole.

But speaking of doing the right thing, Jason. Sweet, adorable, not entirely there Jason. We all know that boy is so oversexed it's a wonder he doesn't use that particular body part as a divining rod. And yet, he did not jump the hot girl coming to him for comfort, because he knew it would seriously affect his relationship with his best friend. Great job, Jason. You win the not-a-total-asshole award.

In first place for "wow, you're an absolutely hateful bitch who should completely understand that annihilation of a race is not the way to solve problems--and you're bat-shit crazy" is nobody's favorite victim, Tara. If AB wanted to create someone that the majority of people would dislike, he did a bang-up job there. I want to like her, I do. She's doing her best to bounce back from some horrific life moments. But she just keeps making bad decisions. Over. And over. And over.

Other high spots in the episode:
Maxine Fortenberry. The real and the fake. She's always a hoot, because I know so many older women like this. They honestly can't help it, which is annoying in real life, but hilarious on camera.
Bill as King. Say what you will, but he makes an excellent politician. Sneaky, underhanded, but with just the right amount of sincerity.
Lafayette and the ghost: Creepy. I want to know what the hell is going on, and I want to know, damn it!

And of course, Sam Merlotte. No real reason. He's just hot. Ridiculously hot.

What are your thoughts on last night's episode?

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