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Writing Wednesday--Author Interview with Shea MacLeod

It's Wednesday--time for free pie at the VI, drinking at CP, and author interview here at FFUF! Today I've got Shea MacLeod, whose debut novel Kissed by Darkness came out earlier this month.

Now, before I let Shea have her say, I'd like to tell you how I met her. Actually, we haven't met met--as there's a super big ocean between us. We met through a writing website, WeBook, when I was first posting Shades of Gray. I happened to come across a few of her reviews and thought she sounded smart, on point, and knew how to dish out critcism without being ugly. So I took a deep breath and shot her a message asking her to take a look at Shades of Gray. That was three years ago and the rest, as they say, is writing/critique partner history. Truth be told, it's one of my longest running relationships of any kind (not counting family--and I don't count them because you're stuck with them) and I value her opinion on a ridiculous level. But enough shenanigans.

Without further ado, Shea MacLeod!

First, congratulations on the release of Kissed by Darkness. Tell us a little about it.

Thanks so much.  Kissed by Darkness is the first book of the Sunwalker Saga.  It is pretty much the end result of the random thought that mixing Buffy with a Paranormal Investigation team was a good idea. lol  

                                                          Kissed by Darkness

Danger is always on the menu for Morgan Bailey, a sexy and street-smart bounty hunter, who prowls the dark underworld of Portland, Oregon hunting creatures of the night. Morgan’s never met a vampire she couldn’t dust or a demon she couldn't kill until she's hired to destroy a new kind of mystical threat: the Sunwalker.
A powerful immortal once believed myth, the Sunwalker carries with him an ancient secret which, if left unchecked, will destroy Morgan’s world. Pursued by a passionate Templar Knight and the target of the local vampire clans, an ancient power is awakened within her, unlike anything she’s ever known. Morgan must uncover the truth behind her mission and about herself, before the Darkness lurking inside swallows her whole.

How would you compare Morgan to other strong female leads, like Jeanine Frost's Cat or Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson?

I'm not familiar with Cat, but Mercy I've read.  I'd say that while Morgan has had her fair share of pain and heartache, she's not nearly as damaged as Mercy.  She's more... normal.  Ordinary.  Just a regular Jane who had to learn to be tough.  Fast.

You've created a unique twist on the myth of Atlantais, Templar Knights, and vampires in general. Where'd the inspiration for the mash-up come from?

Good lord, who knows! lol  I've always loved mash-ups.  I mean, why not have a post-apocalyptic romance, right?  

I always knew Morgan would be involved with supernatural creatures... fighting them, protecting humanity.  Vampires were a natural choice.  The idea to involve Atlantis came next.  I didn't want to go the usual magical route, I wanted something a bit more than that to create this underlying mythos for the series (Plus I'd probably seen one too many episodes of Stargate Atlantis.).  And come on, what's cooler than a Templar Knight?  So, that got thrown in.  

I hear Kissed by Fire is in the works. Care to share a teaser with us?
In KbF, Morgan and Kabita are called to London after the murder of Kabita's cousin, an MI8 agent (Yes, MI8 was real.  I've just twisted it as usual.).  Morgan will face down dragons, sidhe and her own murderer. KbF will be out this August. 

If KbD was turned into a movie, who would you choose to play Morgan?  Jackson?

The closest actress I can think to play Morgan is Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood.).  She's a little young and needs to gain about 20 pounds, but she's a great actress and would play Morgan well.

As for Jackson Keel, who else but the delicious Gerard Butler could play a 900 year old Templar Knight! ;-)

How many books will be in the Sunwalker Saga?  And what other supernatural creatures will make an appearance in the series?
There will be six total books in the Sunwalker Saga.  I've got lots of fun creatures up my sleeve.  In book two, Morgan will discover that dragons aren't extinct after all.  She'll also have another brief run-in with the sidhe (They'll play a big role later on in the series.).  In book three she'll meet a few djinn.  Plus whoever else pops in for a visit while I'm writing. :-)

Are you working on any other novels?

Yes!  I'm working on the third book in the Sunwalker Saga, Kissed by Smoke.  Also, I have a second series I'm working on.  It's a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance with dragons.  Everything's better with dragons. :-)

Thanks so much to Shea for stopping by. Be sure to check out KbD on Amazon and Smashwords, as well as Goodreads. Stop by next week--who knows what'll be happening!

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