Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thursday!

There's no telling what you'll get on Thursday! Remember that, and plan your reading accordingly.

Things going on for me this week: Monday was a holiday, which meant I got to work on my off day. Which sucked. But, I got to have Friday off instead. Meaning two days off in a row. Which is awesome.

Also going on: Continued progress on the work listed in my computer as Frankie. I'm still not sure on the title. I'm already past the quarter mark, which for only 3 weeks is awesome, at least for me. I'm shopping around for beta readers, so if you know someone who might be interested, or you yourself are interested, let me know. HOWEVER, if you just plan to pass my work around (as some so-called fellow writer/reviewers have done) to others, be warned--I will find you. And I will light candles for karma to kick your ass. Have no doubt. I will do this. No more nice, just getting my feet wet, still finding my way writer.

ALSO going on (I know, I'm awful busy for it to only be Thursday): the countdown to footballs season. I love football season for two reasons. One, financial--people like to come spend money, and they like to give me some. Thank you all. Two--it's college football! No other sport in the world will get me so excited, although pro baseball comes close. And, being a die-hard FSU fan, I'm salivating to see what Jimbo Fisher does this year.

Ok, I think that's enough randomness for today. I'd like to thank you all for your patience and humor--and as always, happy reading!

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