Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"I Don't Care What They Say About Me, As Long As It Isn't True."

I love Dorothy Parker. Or her quotes, anyway. Pithy, original, and current even today even though it's been more than a few decades since Ms. Parker was throwing them out. The one above is one of my favorites--it's actually pretty close to the way I'm trying to live my life. Trying--I'm not sure how close I am to succeeding, but at least I'm making an effort.

I'm still relatively unknown enough that I don't have readers and fellow writers bombarding me with e-mail of either the love or hate variety. When I do finally get that first piece of hate mail, I'm going to keep that quote in mind. Because let's face it, hate is a pretty unreasonable emotion. It's gonna make you say crazy and kooky things. But as long as it isn't true, what does it matter?

More introspection later. For now, lunch and naptime calls...

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