Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brief Update

Allow me to apologize both for the recent lack of posts and for the shortness of this one. Work is trying to kill me. No, seriously--it's trying to kill me. Last week I did 52 hours, this week will be about the same, next week probably a few hours more. So I'm very tired and very cranky.

And what I thought would be a respite isn't likely to happen. The hazards of auto maintenance have reared their ugly heads. That may make sense only in my head. If it doesn't, then you understand my pain. So I may be traveling, which is both awesome and annoying and always monetarily bad.

So in essence, I'm not having the best of Decembers. But that's okay. Because I'm going to rock in the New Year like a, well, rock star. If I remember any of it, I'll post it. Maybe with pics. If not, I'll make up elaborate lies and post those. Either way, there will be a post on Saturday.

And that, my friends, is all for now.

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