Monday, November 8, 2010

Working on a Deadline

First off--it's a new look! If I mentioned this already, we'll pretend that I didn't because I don't remember which for me means that it probably didn't happen. And I'm aware of how strange that sounded. Anyway, new look for the blog. We'll see how long it lasts. Either I'll get bored with it and change it or I'll be constantly distracted by it and change it or I'll just get used to it. Who knows.

Second, thanks again to Blog with Bite, Quackers & Tease, and The Bookish Snob for hosting me on my first blog tour. I don't know how far reaching the results will be, but I'm counting on word of mouth to help sales and such along. The more people who buy, the more it helps my income. The more my income goes up, the less I have to work at the bill paying job. The less I work there, the more I write. The more I write, the more I can get out for readers. It's a beautiful, vicious, thrilling cycle.

In my efforts to flout tradition and forge my path, I've decided to release a book every 3.5-4 months, or roughly 4 books a year. At this point, it's looking like 2 for each series, which means by this time next year there will be 4 Jude Magdalyn books and 2 Cari Gravier books. If I go completely psycho, I'll manage to work in a fifth book, completely new series, but I'm not placing bets on that quite yet. The characters of that particular series are stubborn and secretive and very, very quiet. I actually didn't hear anything from them for quite a while, and then suddenly BAM! I wrote 9 pages. Maybe I'm back on track, maybe it was a fluke. I'll find out eventually.

I've never actually written on a deadline. Well, for school and papers, but I haven't written a book on a deadline. The closest I've come to a deadline was doing edits for Shades of Desire, something that nearly drove me nuts. The edits, not the deadline. Publishing actually came out ahead of the deadline, so I guess I live for pressure, even it makes me slightly anal and definitely cranky.

So while I'll do my best to keep the blogs to about one a week, maybe two if I'm feeling chatty, please understand that I'm trying to be professional. Trying. The self-imposed deadlines may actually snap any professionalism I may have, but here's hoping that it doesn't. So if I drop off the radar, don't worry. I'm alive. I'm writing. And I'm probably a little crazy.

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